The Power of Authenticity

to create meaningful connections, foster trust, and inspire others

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Keynote Speech: The Power of Authenticity

In-person or virtually, Mariana’s keynote “THE POWER OF AUTHENTICITY” will help you create meaningful connections, foster trust, and inspire others. It takes 7 seconds for people to form an opinion about you. That’s why most of us are taught to fit in a box instead of embracing those parts of ourselves that stand out. As a national TV journalist, Mariana was often encouraged to leave parts of herself at the door. It wasn’t long before she realized that ‘covering’ did not lead to real belonging, especially in the workplace.

This situation is heightened in the new post-Covid world, where there is a more significant need to strengthen corporate culture, embrace change, and bring your best self to work. Mariana’s key is to double down on your uniqueness and follow easily applicable formulas to embrace your authenticity, leading to personal fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

Being authentic builds trust and credibility, which are core to success and leadership, and allows for collaboration, innovation, and community. In an environment where people feel safe to be themselves, productivity will increase, as well as employee retention.

From Nasdaq to Microsoft to the United Nations, Mariana has presented this keynote for attendees around the world and across industries to tap into the power of their authenticity amid fast global shifts and changes. As a journalist who has covered people overcoming the most challenging situations, her framework to discover authenticity and stay in control comes from field experience, making it substantive, precise, and immediately applicable.

The outcome: Mariana’s entertaining anecdotes, actionable tools, and dynamic exercises leave attendees feeling empowered and equipped to bring their best to work, make meaningful connections, and amplify their impact by leveraging what makes them special.

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In this engaging talk you will:

  • Understand the psychology behind authenticity, and why most of us find it so hard to be authentic, especially at work.
  • Learn the advantages of being authentic–to fully take advantage of it–, and how fakeness erodes trust. 
  • Discover the traits that make you “Perfectly You”.
  • Learn Mariana’s ‘3 UP METHOD’ to promote a culture of innovation and openness at the workplace.
  • Study Mariana’s ‘Control Framework’ and its 7 steps to take control of your authenticity and develop resiliency under any circumstances.
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“Top 10 TEDx Talks seen around the world”

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Mariana’s experience as a news anchor and national correspondent, coupled with her talent for storytelling, makes her the ideal host and moderator for corporate events, fundraisers, and galas. She is equally able to MC, conduct interviews and provide takeaways. Mariana leverages her journalistic experience to facilitate insightful and well-informed discussions, entertaining the audience and providing balanced perspectives. She has become a household name hosting at top companies and institutions around the world, like JP Morgan, Citi Private Bank, Pepsico, the U.S. Congress, among others.

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Best Selling Book

Mariana’s book “Perfectly You: Embracing the Power of Being Real” is a call to action to unlock the magic of both our personal and professional authenticity. She also wrote the Spanish version titled: “Perfectamente Tú: El Poder de lo Auténtico”. The memoir was announced exclusively on Refinery29 and became an instant Amazon Best Seller. Mariana was invited to present the book at The New York Times, Book Expo America and the American Library Association.

Its audio version, which she recorded in both English and Spanish, was selected by AppleBooks as a “must listen” and Audible’s Editor Picks. The Today Show did a profile on the book’s success  at the United Nations’ Girl Up Summit, and Forbes called it a book to “challenge you to live your full potential”. People Magazine wrote “Mariana tells her readers not to get discouraged and to keep pursuing their dreams— without forgetting who they are in the process.” The “Perfectly You” book tour included sold-out stops in Miami, New York, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Seattle and Barcelona, Spain.

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About Mariana

Mariana Atencio is a Peabody award-winning journalist, a former anchor and reporter for NBC and Univision, who has appeared on the Today Show, The Talk and HBO.

Her best-selling book “Perfectly You” was selected by Audible and AppleBooks. And her TEDx talk on authenticity, titled “What makes YOU special?”, has gone viral. To date, it has over 22 million views and has been translated into 13 languages.

Mariana has quickly become one of the most sought-after keynote speakers, founding her own media company, GoLike, and sharing her message at Microsoft, JP Morgan, LinkedIn, Pepsico, Spotify, and the United Nations, among others.

If you are into true crime, her latest project is an investigative podcast about two women who go missing on a trail. It’s called “Lost in Panama” and it was among Apple’s top 10 podcasts on its week of release.

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“Mariana provided some wonderful lessons and insights into her journey and how each of us can celebrate and share what makes us different. It was a fantastic opportunity for our employees to be inspired and to learn more.”

Global Executive & Employee Communications, Microsoft


“Mariana was powerful on stage, engaging, thought provoking and the perfect speaker for our flagship global annual conference held in Miami. She was such a pleasure to work with that she ended up interviewing and moderating two very critical panels for the agenda. Mariana’s experience and professionalism will make any company that chooses to work with her look great.”

Marketing & Communications Head, Citi Private Bank


“It was a pleasure working with Mrs. Mariana Atencio and her Team during Bacardi’s Spirit Forward event. Not only was she highly engaged and accessible from the very beginning of the planning process, but flexible and open to ensure that her speech flowed well with the Summit’s overarching theme. She was inspirational, motivational and real, and we received wonderful feedback from the attendees. We would be happy to work with her again.”

Bacardi USA, Inc.

Sr. Brand Manager

“In a time when dramatic change has brought about immense uncertainty, Mariana’s C.O.N.T.R.O.L. framework provides tangible guidance on how to move forward with intention to build a life that honors our unique purpose. This complete framework helps you evaluate your life with clarity, empower yourself to break through ruts, and make meaningful progress. It’s a true gift to be able to share this framework with our employees.”

Director of Practice Management & Co-Founder of Latinos @SAP Concur.


“Given the uncertainty of the post-pandemic world, you and your organization are in the best hands by hiring Mariana and her GoLike team. We have booked Mariana for motivational keynotes aimed at employees, voice-over work, community programs, and social media campaigns and she has over delivered every time. Her creativity and attention to detail will make your brand stand out in a unique way! She is very dynamic and great at keeping the audience engaged.”

Ford Motor Company

Senior Manager

“Mariana is an energetic and full-of-life keynote speaker. With her extensive experience in journalism and public speaking, she brings a captivating and informative perspective to a wide range of subjects that are relevant in today's society and business world. Her delivery is heartfelt, ensuring there is never a dull moment during her presentations. It's clear that Mariana is a speaking powerhouse with a bright future ahead of her. My advice would be to book her while you can, as her popularity is only going to increase. We are certainly looking forward to booking her again in the future.”

CRH Mosaic ERG

Production Coordinator